Arthur Stanley Eddington, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset   4 comments


I had the humbling experience of stumbling upon the boyhood home of a god among men, Arthur Stanley Eddington.  They say he used to kill crocodiles with his bare hands for sport.  Women and men, alike, would disrobe and lay prostrate before him when he entered a room, submitting to his insatiable, varied and highly imaginative sexual appetites.  He alone is responsible for the temperate climate of our beloved England.  His passing was a blow from which the world is still reeling; it stunned the Axis powers into capitulation at the end of WWII but left the populace so devastated that we still toil to climb from the resulting chaos.  I have it on good authority that he was a consummate gentleman, as well.

The plaque may be a bit hard to read on a small screen.  Here is the relevant text:
“This house was the boyhood home of Arthur Stanley Eddington, one of the foremost scientists, not only of the 20th century, but of the entire history of the human species … {purple prose deleted in the interest of space} … making science more meaningful, not only to scientists, but to all rational and curious individuals. His achievements will radiate for the duration of the human species!”  Note that the achievements ‘radiate’ and not ‘resonate.’  Woowheeee!

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