Ass Expressway   2 comments

I’m behind on writing up a lot of the recent events around here, and I’m going to skip the tourist pictures of Wales altogether except for these…lets start with the map in the hotel info packet in Criccieth, and imagine having bad eyesight like mine (Jamie saw it, too):

ass expresswayass expressway close-up

The village of Criccieth was very pretty :

Criccieth 01

Criccieth 04

Criccieth 06

Criccieth 07And, as it happens, the village is dominated by the ruins of its 11th century castle:

Criccieth Castle 03

Criccieth Castle 02

Criccieth Castle 05

Marine Hotel Criccieth

Marine Hotel, our holiday home, from the castle

Us at Criccieth Castle

In fifteen minutes, rainclouds rolled in again

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