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My copy of the Good Beer Guide 2009 only lists one pub for Penzance: The Crown.  The description told of a true local, off a neighbourhood square and away from the tourist rabble.  We aimed to fix that last bit, and arrived early enough to plant our flag on the corner table off the end of the bar.

Being New Years Eve, it was surprising that there were so few folks in at 8:30, but by 9:30 it was hard to reach the bar.  The staff and some of the crowd were dressed in the circus theme but most were, like us, just drunken clowns out for a nice laugh and to welcome 2011.

This guy went around showing how "hat goes on...hat goes off" at the flip of a switch

Before it got crowded, the staff seemed pretty friendly but it was soon to busy to tell one way or another.  The customers were awfully nice, though, if a bit goofy.  I would definitely be a regular here if we ever hit the lottery and moved to Penzance, though.  It was a great place to spend our 25th Anniversary, regardless:

25 Years of bar photos...

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7 responses to “The Crown, Penzance, Cornwall

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  3. hello guys, it was such a surprise to stumble across your website. I don’t know whether you remember me but it was lovely to see you on new years eve and I hope you can return to penzance soon. good work on identifying that some of our locals are a bit goofy. me included probably, especially after all that wine. I hope you had fun and lots of love.
    ( the bar maid that didn’t have to work that evening.)

    sian andrews
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