Wernham Hogg’s, Slough, Berkshire (pub #965)   7 comments

“Ever see a blind man cross the road
“Trying to make it to the other side?”

I mentioned literary tourism earlier this week and extended this to include tourism centered on television and cinema.  This is just such a case…I ran to Slough with only these two intentions: to have a beer in a pub named Wernham Hogg’s and to find the building this fictional paper company from The Office was supposed to be housed in (after the Swindon office closed when the company downsized to its Slough headquarters).

The pub was a major disappointment, though.  The only ale was Abbot and it was foamy so I got a Carling (#124 in the Challenge) and held my hand over the surface to keep the aerosol (room deoderiser? mosquito fogger?) sprayed freely by the only other person beside me and the tender.  The music was loud considering the abandoned state of the place but that would have been fine if it had been anything besides that atonal faux-R&B/dance shite you simply cannot escape here.

But, the beer was cold and it was beer so there is always a bright side.  And, the weather was lovely and I found the building:

“So what becomes of you, my love,
“When they have finally stripped you of….”

Well…stripped you of the chance to be the 1000th pub, anyway as this made # 965.

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