DT #228, 16 August 2014, (Cape Nelson Shiraz Cab Sav)   5 comments

Cape Nelson Shiraz Cab Sav

Twenty point seven.
Mileage is not the problem:
Velocity is.

Name: Cape Nelson Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
Type: red wine
Venue: house

Review/notes: Shattered at the end of a longer run — and over hillier terrain — than I’ve been used to lately, I opted not to cook.  I’ll drink anything that says Nelson on the label both in honour of the fleet Admiral and the Simpsons character.

The run started in Chippenham and while setting the GPS for the day I noticed this marker for the first time despite using this station 10-15 times per year:

2014-08-16 Brunel Blue Plaque Chippenham


The GPS was tucked away (because I would feel dirty using it for navigation) and I didn’t bring a compass so I was dependent on dead reckoning and the OS map I carried.  As a result, I got turned around a bit on my way out of Chippenham and didn’t reach the Flemish Weaver pub in Corsham until I had already ticked 6 miles. Still, the day was gorgeous.


2014-08-16 route

Speaking of gorges, on the way to and from the Fox and Hounds in Colerne there were some pretty steep descents and climbs to deal with.  Colerne is a spectacular Domesday village that sits atop a high ridge and so is a cruel place to host a Hash but that is exactly what the Bristol HHH have planned.  It became my target for the long run because it allowed me to double dip with the G-Had HHH trail to overlay on the BH3 one.  Excellent.

2014-08-16 route profile


Whilst setting the G-Had part of the trail, I was stunned by the massive sloes on the full blackthorn bushes around Colerne.  This may well be the source for next year’s sloe gin.

2014-08-16 sloes in Colerne


The third stop was at the Hare and Hounds on the A4 just outside Corsham.  At this point, I was ¾ mile short of my planned distance and prepared to call it a day but the bus back to Chippenham was a 20 minute wait so I opted to run the 4½ miles back.  The A4  between Corsham and Chippenham was strewn with dozens of DVD cases for pornographic movies but very little other litter; no other comment on that, just a note.

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