The Rose and Crown, Chippenham, Wiltshire   4 comments


The Rose and Crown is a nut house, but in a good way.  Current ales are listed on a board as you enter and since both Brains S.A. and Brains IPA were on I specifically ordered Brains S.A. “Whah?” asked the barman to which I slowly repeated, “Brains,” doing my best zombie voice (which is to say, my voice).  He moved to a pump with no clip on it and one of the punters at the bar said, “oi, that’s the wrong one.”  “I know what I’m fockin’ doin’, you Welsh git.”  From across the room, a woman broke from her argument with another bloke to yell over, “he IS wrong.  Men are ALWAYS wrong.”  Her partner answered, “that’s SEXIST that is, you fat bitch.”  I believe we have found my favourite bar in Chippenham.



A thin, swishy guy sashayed in with a “helllloooooo!!!” for each person he encountered.  Without asking, the barmaid produced some strange concoction for him, something that looked like a Guinness shandy with the Guinness floated carefully on top.  The arguing couple continued with the man saying, “oh, yeah, well you’re a…a…oi,” he redirected to the bar, “what’re those things what live under a bridge?”  “Transvestites,” offered the queenie guy.  Yep, indeed, I think I have found a home from home.

Posted 2012/07/09 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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