Vintage Bus Day 2014   2 comments

Bus Day 2014 1966 Bristol FLF6G

We are Public Transport Geeks.  However, when we attended the geek-out that was the Gloucestershire Running Day where vintage buses are put on a bunch of routes between the three major towns in the county we seemed quite normal compared to our co-passengers.  Every trip included at least one guy with a complicated chart he was filling in of each feature from each bus (including the ones passing or meeting us en route).  There were endlessly dull conversations on the esoterica of buses.  Some folks even discussed international trips to do vacations where similar events take place annually.  And, people on the routes were out waiting to take photos (it’s pretty rural out there, so make your own inappropriate assumptions about those folks).

For my part here are a few photos from our day out (we also went to an ancient pub and even older church, by the way).  To start, you used to be required to smoke on the bus, especially upstairs.  Here is one of the smoking amenities:

Bus Day 2014 cigarette stubber


We had a conductor on each bus:

Bus Day 2014 conductor

The interiors were well-preserved (geek note…screw-in light bulbs superceded in the next version of this Routemaster by fluorescents).

Bus Day 2014 Routemaster 1961 interior

A herd of buses in Tewkesbury while we haunted antiques stores:

Bus Day 2014 Daimler CVG6LX 30 1967

Bus Day 2014 SC4LK 1961

Bus Day 2014 Bristol RELL6L 1967

Our bus from Tewkesbury to Cheltenham approacheth:

Bus Day 2014 Routemaster 1961

And, here’s the one that brought us back from Cheltenham to Gloucester:

Bus Day 2014 Routemaster 1967


Awesome day out for the price of a bus ticket (which I already had for work, anyway).

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