Bus Job–R.I.P.   5 comments

Addendum:  From Foo’s email to the jHavelina listserv…”BusJobs service will be held on Monday Nov. 15, 2010 at the OLD Ft.Huachuca cemetary on post at 1000.”  I know it will be a suitably large turnout.

Bus Job (left) and Papa Don't Peek at Meet Rack, 30 Pack Marathon, 2008

Received some awful news last night…Bus Job (aka, Doug Kincaid), was found lying in a wash with a head injury near his home in Sierra Vista. He passed away from his injuries at the scene under the care of paramedics.

Bussy and Foo attempting the Bisbee Beer Mile

Police are still investigating the suspicious circumstances, but most of us that knew him believe that this is merely a case of HRI (hashing related injuries).  If it is–and I hope that is how it turns out because as annoying as he could be, Bus Job was also one of the gentlest souls and warmest hearted friends you could ask for–it is probably how he would have hoped to go, dead on trail.

Tucson and Sierra Vista are harsh places and I don’t expect visit them anytime in the near future, but do hope to go for a visit at some point.  Bussy’s absence will make any visit all the more bleak.

Here is a snippet of video from the first 30 Pack Marathon, where you can have a peak at Bus Job at his finest (first bit, before the stills of Bearded and Bavarian):


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