The Turf Tavern, Oxford   4 comments

We entered the Turf Tavern about midway through a scavenger hunt/tour of Oxford meant as a sort of team building exercise as part of the research group’s “away day.”  These things are almost completely useless for their intended purpose when levied against a group that already communicates freely and plays well together, but I had a pretty good time with it nonetheless, in spite of the massive hangover I had been fighting off all day.

Some of the group, trying to cheat on the score I bet

The Humpty Dumpty Porter at the Turf Tavern did little to aleviate the throbbing headache I had been suffering since about an hour after completing the morning run before the scheduled events, but it didn’t hurt, either.  The pub is aimed toward the tourist pound, with historic-ish markers all around purporting that Bill Clinton’s famous non-inhalation occurred on the back patio or that some Inspector Morse episodes featured the pub (which could be said of just about any pub in town).  Still, the drinks were reasonable, the inside of the pub was atmospheric, they are supposed to serve decent food, and we all got a wee break before continuing the tour (a few fotos from the event, below).

Dining hall at Exeter College, Oxford

a proper butcher shop in the covered market, Oxford

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