DT #291, 18 October 2014 (Trojan Horse)   9 comments

Trojan Horse IDA


Hoping that you can
Recommend detergent
To get blood stains out.

Name: Trojan Horse
Type: dark IPA (or IDA, they want to label it)
Venue: The Savoy, Swindon

Trojan Horse IDA pump

Review/notes: Yesterday I had another superficial BCC cut off my chest and started making the parts of a pizza for supper when I got home.  First there was the sausage to prep, then the pizza dough and while it rose I cut all the veg for the toppings.  Jackie was due home at 7:30 so, as I finished all this at 5, I sat down to enjoy the first glass of wine and watch some of the Giants/Cardinals NLCS game. I felt some liquid on my stomach and looked down to see wine spilt on my shirt except it was seeping from underneath and spreading. I balled up the shirt I was wearing to make a compression bandage and called for an ambulance.

Today I just had a nice, calm walk instead and went to the Wetherspoons for a breakfast beer.

2014-10-17 suture fail

Jackie doesn’t carry a cell phone so I left this in the entrance hall with a note that I could be found at A&E


[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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  3. wtf happened?

    • I blame the Arizona sunshine but it could have been the Georgia sunshine or the Australian sunshine…had a superficial carcinoma gouged out by the NHS then threw a stitch whilst making some pizza dough later the same day.

      Or do you mean what happened to the building. That’s the former Swindon Registry Offices, making way for something else likely to be as — or more — hideous.

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