The Black Horse, Gozzards Ford, Oxfordshire   7 comments

Update: New management in 2016.  Good luck!  It should be a great pub.

You come to expect rude landlords and overpriced drink when you see a place like the Black Horse that screams (think, screams like a rubber-headed drag queen) ‘gastro-pub’:

But the overall impression I got was Basil Fawlty.  The American that asked politely if the trail adjacent to the garden went to Marcham was treated as if he asked if he could take a shit on the bar (I wouldn’t ask, and with the way he bolted off to read his newspaper in the adjacent bar I wouldn’t have been spotted).  However, when the three guys in ill-fitting OTR suits ask for their cheque, he all but licked their boots; the one paying read the bill: ” ‘Three new BUSINESSMEN exclamation mark.’  Is that us?” “Oh, yessir, yessir indeed.”  What a dick.

He also appears to stock the bar with booze from the off-license rather than pay Greene King’s vig on the bar bottles (note the labels on the Gordon’s from a bar supplier versus the upside-down labels from retail or that fell-off-a-truck or may well be counterfeit):

Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but I really dislike this sort of money-grubbing little lickspittle.  Stop in and take a wee in the fireplace next time you pass through.

7 responses to “The Black Horse, Gozzards Ford, Oxfordshire

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  3. Hi everyone, just had a giggle as i’ve read this review but hope it’s now well out dated as we’re under now management (me) and would love people to come and give us a try again now as we stock some brilliant local ales and have a great kitchen team cooking fresh yummy pub food. Thanks, Dawn

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