The New Inn, Blists Hill, Shropshire   1 comment

Okay, a lot of people will say that Blists Hill is a tourist trap and in a lot of respects they are correct.  But, it is also a museum, a whole village of a museum in fact and if the workers (many are volunteers) are a little cheesy they are also dressed authentically and pass on their understanding of the lives of Victorian steelworkers, miners, and town dwellers in an engaging and non-condescending way.  I will definitely be back for another visit.

On the way out of the site, though, I had to drop into the town pub: the New Inn.  An entirely wooden interior building, it reminded me a bit more of taverns in another touristy/historic village: Tombstone, Arizona.  I had a Banks Mild and drank in the atmosphere a bit more.  There’s a piano in the next room from the Tap Room, but you are discouraged from playing, and the garden furniture is a bit modern, but overall a stop at the New Inn is a must on any visit to the 1870’s.

Posted 2010/08/01 by Drunken Bunny in pubs, tourism

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