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{Update 28 November 2009: We went to the butcher in Cottenham yesterday and noticed the Chequers had closed down.  This morning it was front page news in the Cambridge paper as it has closed down due in part to a war between rival encampments of Travellers: }

Now, the Chequers is a proper pub.  When I found it on the bike ride through Cottenham ‘Wish You Were Here’ was blaring out of the place (they have a pretty good juke box, filled with Hendrix, Small Faces, and endless punk cuts).

I had to filter past a group in their early 20’s that was too loaded to move the baby carriage out of the way or to control the toddler that was waddling about.  On came Rod Stewart over the speakers and a couple that was either necking or napping jumped sloppily up and start, um, I’ll call it ‘singing’ along.  To get to the end of the bar I had to get past another group of gents in their 30’s and 40’s who were likewise hammered and just getting started.  It was 1:30 in the afternoon.  I felt like I was at home.


Tried to get a couple of pictures snuck in without the flash by holding the camera against the bar for stability.  A guy stumbled over and said (I think), ‘give us the camera, mate, I’ll take one of you.’ And he took a photo that, if you search the image very hard, you will confirm that I am nowhere to be seen.


“How do I get to Wilburton from here?” I asked the nearest drunk. I had assumed that it was pronounced WILBUR-ton, as in town full of Wilburs. “Waaa? Do you mean wil-BUR-un?” [note the lack of the hard ‘tee.’] Then I got three conflicting sets of directions until I told them I was on a bike and 2 of the 3 told me to go down the main street and the third one gave me directions to, I’m guessing, Krakow, Poland.

Back outside pulling out my bike lock key, a five pound note blew out of my hand and against the fence a few feet away.  As I was picking it up, I saw the following scene left behind from, I assume, Friday night.


Yep, that’s the kind of classy joint it is…pint of vodka, pack of smokes, some room deoderiser (there was a paper bag nearby, you do the maths), and some soiled panties.  I was right, I found a bar that reminds me of home.

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  2. That pic should be on a hash t-shirt!

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  4. Ahhh…the sweetness of memories of home! Well, maybe. Actually, remembering wasn’t ever part of the evening now was it? I’m just glad that laser show didn’t last any long than it did!

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