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I biked into Upware off some farm roads and spotted the sign for the Five Miles From Anywhere No Hurry Inn so felt compelled to hurry for some lunch.  There were a bunch of schoolkids around 9 or 10 years old boarding a bus and apparently they had spent the day at the river park that is part of the Five Miles–the back garden is gigantic and right in a curve of the River Cam.

The menu had pheasant Wellington, fresh river trout, and partridge on it with a warning to watch out for shot in the meal (I assumed this didin’t include the fish plates). But, arriving at 2:35 (they stop serving at 2:30) and interupting the lunch of the barmaid encouraged me to have an ale and a packet of crisps and a look around. My beer choice was a very hoppy blond ale called Polar Star by Buntingford, but I later couldn’t find anything about it on their website. It was really delicious, filled with acidic back notes and reminded me almost of a lambic it had such fruit to it.


This place is kind of remote and deserves the name, for sure, but as you can see from this map it is only 4.7 miles from my place (making it, therefore, somewhere in the range of 0.3 and 9.7 miles from anywhere).  Sounds about right.


It has the look and feel of a ski lodge inside: wooden beams and furnishings, cavernous, big sloping wall of window out onto a deck and the hilly run down to the river.  There are lot’s of tables outside as well but would probably recommend just bringing a blanket out of your canoe and finding a nice spot to enjoy your drinks.  If you stay for food (served all day on Sunday), there’s a fancy-schmansy white-table-cloth dining room, too.  We’ll probably come back to check out the blues band they booked the weekend after Easter.


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