17 Mile Route From Chippenham to Bath   7 comments

ghad 14 shockerwick sign closeup

Two in the dust, One in the rust” was what I thought I saw on the sign pointing to a convalescent home in Shockerwick, so I decelerated on this long, steep downhill section of the run and doubled back.  The mind plays funny tricks on you, occasionally.

ghad 14 shockerwick sign

I was taking one of the remaining vacation days running out to investigate the Kennet and Avon Hash‘s trail to determine if there were any G-Had relevant pre-lay (markings other than those set after the start time of the Hash) on their trail in Batheaston later that night.  In the interim, I would be treated to stops in the village of Box (the Queen’s Head and the Northey Inn, both on the slopes adjacent to Brunel’s Box Tunnel), and later in Batheaston for a beer and a kebab before my scouting adventure.  While at the George and Dragon, I got to read an article about someone’s Big Mo’s, I think it was, in the Sun.

ghad 14 sun page 3

Indeed, there were already quite a number of suspicious markers on the grounds leading to and around Solsbury Hill including some obvious ‘checks’ on the sides of National Trust markers.  Tsk.  I’m not sure if this was likewise related to the trail-to-be:

ghad 14 beer near

The investigation finished, I found time for a stop in Larkhall and another near the Bath Spa rail station before heading home…17 miles in 2:35 (once you delete the beer and food breaks).

2013-08-21 17 mile run

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