Queen’s Head, Box, Wiltshire   1 comment

queen's head box sign

With the early start on the run I didn’t expect to find any pubs serving until after passing Batheaston but when I stopped to view the cliffs from the Queen’s Head car park I ran into the landlord who seemed happy to find an early customer.  Inside I spotted the drummer portraits everywhere; “what can I get you, then?”  “Buddy Rich!” I exclaimed, then, “oh, right, Courage Best, pint, thanks.”

queen's head box bar

“Out for a hike?” “Sort of.” “Stopping at as many pubs as possible?” “Is it that obvious?”  This was a good landlord, and the music was just fine as I found a cool dark spot to unwind after the first ten or so miles of the run.

queen's head box courage

Box really is lovely if off the beaten path.  And, this bar is very nice, too.

queen's head box

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