The Sir Audley Arms, Chippenham, Wiltshire   1 comment

sir audley arms chippenham

The pub is named for Sir Audley Dallas Neeld, 3rd (and last) Baronet, High Sheriff of Wiltshire, and grandson of the 1st Baronet Neeld who founded the Conservative Club.  Most of the estate that this pub serves was part of Sir Audley’s land holdings.  I first spotted this bar on a run from Chippenham to Bath a few weeks ago and thought, then, I should add it to the list but was passing in the morning so deferred the visit.

sir audley arms chippenham inside detail

It is a huge house, deeper than it is wide, and with lots of nice internal features.  The only ale on the three taps was Theakston’s Best but it was well tended and cheap (like me!).

There were beer mats advertising UKIP’s “Save the British Pub” campaign.  I want to agree with UKIP on so many things but also I have to agree with whichever comedian who described them, last night on tele, as “the Tea Party without guns.”  They have a few grand ideas that get completely drowned in the Olympic sized pool of batshit-crazy [note: the Olympics just let an even bigger variety of bloody foreigners onto our green island and that is simply not on…harumph].

sir audley arms chippenham windows

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