Northey Arms, Box, Wiltshire   1 comment

northey inn box

I mentioned earlier that the eyes play tricks on you so it wasn’t surprising to see “Infantalisingly Fresh” on the pump clip then taking a second look to see it was actually “Tantalisingly Fresh.”  The bar man at the Northey Arms, a dead ringer in both appearance and mannerisms for Kenneth Williams of the Carry On films, didn’t seem to understand what I found amusing about that.  Well, it would be a great advertising slogan: “You’ll wish you were wearing a diaper.”

northey inn box infantalisingly fresh

This is a very nice and massive roadside inn, really too nice for the likes of me, so I took my beverage to the garden.  The dining experience is probably more important than the bar at this house and down a path there was evidence that the kitchen raises its own fowl and some of its veg.

northey inn box garden

A five-minute trot downhill from the Queen’s Head, you might be a happier drinker there than here.  Oh, I don’t know what the deal is with the sign, which appears to be for a different pub altogether.

northey inn box sign

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