First Pub Run of Year Six   6 comments


A gorgeous Sunday mostly at my own devices resulted in a bus ride to Chippenham to hit a couple of nearby village pubs during an 8 mile run.  All the chippies I hoped for were closed Sunday, so I added in a third pub to get some lunch.  On arrival back in Chippenham I thought I had more time than I actually had before the bus home and watched the bus pass in front of pub four from behind a Blackthorn cider; this left an extra half hour in my schedule so I weaseled my way into a club for a Black Rat cider.  The pub listing is:

Hit or Miss, Kington Langley
The Jolly Huntsman, Kingston St. Michael
Cepen Park, Chippenham
The Black Horse, Chippenham
The Constitution Club, Chippenham

The run was mostly on roads but I decided to take a chance and go cross-country for a mile.  The bridleway I took up to Kingston St. Michael was more river than road:

muddy run legs

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