The Horse Guards, Brokenborough, Wiltshire   1 comment

Horse Guards Brokenborough sign

After a bit of a misdirection that took me through some very nice pasture I eventually found my way back to the 10K route I was meant to be retracing in reverse.  And then, there it was, the only pub that was actually on the course and unlike my early pass it was now open for business.  Hooray for the Horse Guards!

Horse Guards Brokenborough pump clip

Once more, I was treated to better choices for ale than I’ve had of late and I settled into a pint of Uley Bitter (just up the road, another local ale…third one today) for no better reason than it was the tap in the middle.  There was a bit of flotsam in the glass but it tasted grand and I really am not bothered by real ale sediment.  This one had a more earthy/mushroom taste to it but I’m guessing it would have gone great with a platter of food (the pub is really more restaurant than owt else).

Horse Guards Brokenborough


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