The Three Cups, Malmesbury, Wiltshire   1 comment

Three Cups Malmesbury

Nearly 15 miles into my run and 5 minutes from the bus stop, I had 35 minutes to kill as I crested the hill into Malmesbury.  The Three Cups was there to my left and it would have been rude to pass it by.

Three Cups Malmesbury pump clip

It turned out to be more sports bar than anything else but a friendly crowd inhabited it and I wound up talking to a fellow runner who had done his first race that very day (the 10K I was in).  He seemed very excited about the whole thing and yet a bit perplexed by my methods.

Oh, bonus today: saw Manchester United draw 0-0 with some bottom of the league table team.  Or, should I say, some OTHER bottom of the league table team…still winless three games into the season.

Three Cups Malmesbury lounge

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