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DT #199, 18 July 2014 (Enraptured)   1 comment

Enraptured Four Candles Oxford

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Daily Show, The Leftovers.
My America.

Name: Enraptured
Type: bitter
Venue: Four Candles, Oxford

Review/notes: Arriving early to survey the sudden departure of the blessed and to prepare for the Tribulation to come, I found myself free from the earthly bonds of work by 10am.  A transformer that serves the labs is down until at least Monday and I just had to make things safe for those Left Behind.

Enraptured is powerfully hopped and has the burnt flavour of heavily toasted malt–as though from the depths of the fiery furnace.

The Leftovers has really captured my attention and I look forward to it every week.  I think Sky Atlantic is picking it up this Autumn for those not into bootleg vids.


Enraptured Four Candles Oxford pump clip

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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The Morse Bar in the Randolph Hotel, Oxford (pub #963)   3 comments

The typical Inspector Morse fan you run into in Oxford is a middle-age woman from the States visiting here outside the high season for tourists and who has a grounding both in the Morse books and the television series (which is imported for regular airings on Public Broadcasting back in the US although I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an episode myself).  I’ve shot a lot of photos for these women with the bartenders (using their cameras) while they pose in front of some Morse or Lewis memorabilia.  The bar in the Randolph, a Grand Hotel worthy of the name, is named after Morse in honour of how frequently it has featured in these works.

None of that has anything to do with why I wanted to visit this on the pub journey nor why I have waited so long for a beverage and quiet contemplation in this magnificent house.  Jackie has been wanting to come here for the atmosphere as well, and we have never both been appropriately dressed for the visit when we both happen to be in the city (my job in the labs dictates ratty clothing, usually, and my hobby is running…mea culpa).

So, on a day when I’m taking a break from running and had a meeting that kept me out of harsh chemicals and mechanical oils I opted to pop in on the way home to read a newspaper, dent the leather upholstery, and generally enjoy a civilised pint.  However, if you go for a beverage keep in mind  the pint will set you back £4.95 (and the spirits start at £10.40 a shot, mixers extra).

Oh, this means that The Morse Bar is no longer eligible to be the 1000th pub.  I’ll make the appropriate change to that post shortly.

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