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The Bell, Standerwick, Somerset   1 comment

Bell Standerwick sign

Slightly more than a mile on from the Full Moon came the Bell, a highway-side inn that appears to cater to upper-middle class pensioners in tweed jackets with ties.  I think “cool-ly polite” best sums up the reception I received.

2014-12-27 Westbury 10 miles

The house could easily seat 200 for dining which made the two I spotted seem stranded.  An old couple dressed for church or a meeting with their solicitor came in as I drank and passed me carefully on their way to their regular table.

Just before I left a third — much younger — couple came in and was greeted with a silent tilt of the head and raised eyebrow, the implied, “yes? Is there something you wanted?” remaining unspoken.  “Is there a table free for lunch?” the woman tentatively asked.  “Yes, just take any not marked ‘RESERVED,’ and we’ll be over shortly.”  I drank up and left without notice from the staff.

Bell Standerwick

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