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DT #062, 3 Mar 2014 (La Vieille Ferme)   1 comment

La Vieille Ferme

Eighties artifacts.
Tidying turns up items
You forgot about.

Name: La Vieille Ferme
Type: red wine
Recipe: Leftover chicken, ground cumin, paprika, ground coriander seed, and a can of tomatoes heated through.  Add leftover rice (couldn’t find a can opener for the beans), some green/spring onions and chopped cilantro/coriander.  Warm some tortillas and add cheese then fill.  Feast.
Venue: house

Review/notes: A rather standard red for burrito night.  We’re still living in clutter but can see daylight.

I had buttons like this in the early 1980s, but this was one of Jackie’s (picked up in a shop in Athens, GA June 6, 2004 a few hours after we heard the obit on NPR).  I married well.

ronald reagan rots in hell close

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