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The Princess, Swindon (currently closed)   Leave a comment

I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer.  No shit, but for a good cause.  The nearest place to my house I would consider either interesting or a licensed purveyor of alcoholic beverages happens to be both: The Princess has been derelict for a couple of years but recently refurbishment commenced and it will reopen soon.  Having missed the last of the Carling on tap last night at the club and with it being 6am here and nowhere else to go, I decided to invoke the defunct pub rule…but I will be back the day they reopen to give a proper review.  Hurry along, Princess.

The Royal Oak, Swindon   4 comments

I needed to pick up my race credentials at the Croft Sport Centre so I hopped off before the Magic Roundabout, stopped by the Aldi for a bottle of that fine Clarkes bourbon (change back from a tenner!), and ran the hill into Old Town with the intention of stopping in the Royal Oak which I have never seen open but which I have been assured has a beautiful interior and opens promptly at 6 except when they open at 7 or so.

The bar was darkened and the curtains seemed not to have moved in the month since I last tried to visit.  Shit.  It was a bit cool and very windy and the sunset was gorgeous so I sat on the front step and cracked open the whiskey while checking my directions to the Sport Centre.  The details on the exterior of the pub were as impressive as I have been told the interior is, with fine ceramic work I am surprised has escaped vandalism.

Upon my return home, I checked around the net and found the website has not been updated since April, there was a tribute act playing there in September, and currently the pub company is looking for a tenant (at very competitive prices so maybe it won’t stay closed forever).

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The Sun, Liddington, Wiltshire (closed)   1 comment

When I packed for the run I loaded my flask with bourbon in the event that one of the pubs on my loop were, sadly, shuttered.  This didn’t happen, happily, but upon leaving the third one of the day I was incapable of reading my map and missed a cross-road that would have foreshortened the journey.  Instead, I veered off to Liddington before turning back downhill toward the Great Western Hospital.  On my left through the mist the Sun appeared…the Sun Inn, that is.

I don’t think it has been closed long, but it has become decrepit in that period.  There are nice views out the back, where I huddled with my flask for the obligatory salute.  You look out toward the hills to the south and completely miss the motorway down in the hole, although you can hear it.  Too far from a junction, this country inn probably just didn’t get enough traffic to survive.  RIP.

bourbon for this very sadly demised house

The Shelley Arms, Oxford (closed)   1 comment

What a great disappointment: beautiful day for a run, did some hills, found some paths I haven’t been on before and worked my way over to the Shelley Arms only to find the doors shuttered with corrugated sheet metal. Shit.  AND: the shop next door was halal and probably (didn’t bother to check) doesn’t carry tins of beer so I was even going to write off this one under the “out-of-business” rule.  But, after running off and finding the Exeter Hall up Cowley Road I got a tip-off on where an off license is nearby, so was able to double back by.  The vegetation says no one has been taking care of it for a while, but the “what’s on” signage still looks fresh after the rain last week…still, R.I.P.

The Beaufort Arms, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire (closed)   Leave a comment

The Beaufort Arms isn’t just closed, it is burned to the ground although in Google Street View it still exists.  I was out for an early morning run and carried a beer because I expected to run past at least one closed pub in 15 miles in the countryside…and was surprised to get one half a mile from the bus stop.  Oh, well, it looks like it was a great place. R.I.P.

Duke of Wellington, Swindon (closed)   Leave a comment

We had a nice evening out Saturday despite the Wildcats ignominious loss to Guildford Flames.  Next morning we were moving kind of slow and I eventually made it out at noon to pick up some groceries and stop by the library.

Earlier in the year I stopped by the Duke of Wellington, a fantastic looking old building but the doors will still shut and the curtains drawn.  This time I figured it MUST be open, but lo, as I topped the hill I saw that the windows were now shuttered…shit.

I managed to pick up a Carling at an off-license down the street but some coppers were hanging around when I got back for the obligatory funeral toast.  Shit again.  Exploring the neighbourhood, I did find this little gem (my tomato growing days are over, but it always makes me happy to see a business like this thriving):

The coppers cleared off by the time I got back and I took a seat on the front of the building. R.I.P.

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The Red Lion, Middleton Cheney, Northamptonshire (closed)   2 comments

I was on a mission to drink at nothing but Red Lions today and so it was with a heavy heart only 3 miles away from my start that I spotted the metal shutters on the windows of the Red Lion in Middleton Cheney.

The Dolphin was open just down the street, but I was determined and invoked the “out of business pub” rule and went and retrieved a Fosters from the grocery store across the street.  Yack! Warmer than a nice cup of tea; oh well, it was pretty cold outside, anyway.

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