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The Old Ferry Boat, Holywell   1 comment

old ferry boat sign

The Old Ferry Boat makes a reasonably good claim to being the oldest pub in Great Britain.  They have been serving fermented beverages here since the 6th century and parts of the Inn date to the 10th century.  A little girl’s grave stone is ten feet from the corner of the bar and dates to the 11th century.  This made my own birthday seem not too devastating (dating back only to just before the Cuban Missile Crisis).

old ferry boat riverview

The pub is right on the river and boaters turn up with some regularity.  On a Saturday visit when it is warm and sunny, village kids come down for swims and we tourists sit in the shade and enjoy our bevvies and soak in the atmosphere.  It is a little hard to get to this pub, as Holywell is on a dead end road through another small village (so coming by car was preferable to putting this on one of my run routes), but plough on past the other tempting pubs and have a visit.

old ferry boat

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