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Independence Day/World Cup 2014   Leave a comment

France v Germany WC2014

In the World Cub Quarters on the Fourth of July it was the Hessians vs LaFayette en Co, but despite the great American Revolutionary War synchronicity, I had to back (successfully) George III’s motherland.  Expecting the ‘Boys from Brazil’ semifinal along with the Flodder grudge match.

June Update: Daily Tipple and Chippy Challenge   243 comments

Meisenfrei Bremen me and Haake Beck

Not much to say about the month except we are now past the halfway point…here’s the tally for June.  Interesting that not one beer — on the list — was at the house:

DT # Date Name Type Venue
156 05-Jun Mary Jane bitter The Britannia
157 06-Jun Full Brazilian bitter The Savoy
163 12-Jun Otter bitter The Eagle
167 16-Jun Young’s London Gold bitter Green Dragon
177 26-Jun Staropramen Dark dark pilsner Hotel Deutsche Eiche
153 02-Jun Negra Modelo lager Phoenix Picture House
165 14-Jun Tyskie lager near the bus stop
166 15-Jun Coors Light lager The Mailcoach
171 20-Jun Meantime Pilsner pilsner Big Society
173 22-Jun Jupiler pilsner Cafe Het Bolwerk
174 23-Jun Haake Beck pilsner Stadtgeflüster
175 24-Jun Konig Pilsner pilsner Mexcal
178 27-Jun Veltins pilsner China Restaurant Peking
179 28-Jun Duvel pilsner The Doors Coffeeshop
164 13-Jun Young’s London Stout stout Angel and Greyhound
176 25-Jun Franziskaner weissbier Double Ti
Meisenfrei Bremen

The Meisenfrei…great little bar but the beer choices had already been covered so while I recommend it highly, it didn’t make the list.


DT # Date Name Type Venue
154 03-Jun Cape Original Shiraz Malbec red wine house
155 04-Jun Arpeggio Sangiovese red wine house
161 10-Jun Cooperative Piemonte Barbera red wine house
168 17-Jun Alexis Lichine Bordeaux Superieur red wine house
170 19-Jun Sainsbury Select Barbaresco red wine house
172 21-Jun Chateau Sainte Marthe Languedoc red wine house
180 29-Jun Contenda Shiraz red wine house
181 30-Jun Tiger Horse Shiraz Mourvedre red wine house
152 01-Jun Blossom Hill White Zinfandel rose wine house
158 07-Jun Calvet Cabernet Franc rose rose wine house
159 08-Jun Sainsbury Select White Zinfandel rose wine house
169 18-Jun Jacaranda Hill Shiraz Rosé rose wine house

at Bremen Hbf

DT # Date Name Type Venue
160 09-Jun Gin and Tonic booze house
162 11-Jun Rosie’s Pig cider The Prince of Wales

2014-06-23 Boetcherstrasse Bremen day s

June was a good month for chippies, as well.  The new herring, best of the year, was arriving in Amsterdam but didn’t call me until the last minute and I didn’t want anything on my stomach for the flight home.  And surprisingly, the best F&C of the month was in Germany.

# Chippy Challenge
63 The Britannia Oxford, Oxfordshire 05-Jun Pub
64 Treasure Chinese Takeaway Shrivenham, Oxfordshire 11-Jun Chippy
65 Posh Fish Headington Headington, Oxfordshire 13-Jun Chippy
66 Dolphin Fish Bar Highworth, Wiltshire 14-Jun Chippy
67 Yeung’s House Fish and Chips Marlborough, Wiltshire 16-Jun Chippy
68 Poseidon Fish and Chips Oxford, Oxfordshire 20-Jun Chippy
69 Happy Seafood Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam 22-Jun Dutch fish stand
70 Star Food Fish N Chips Bremen, Germany 25-Jun Chippy


CC Chart June


DT #177, 26 June 2014 (Staropramen Dark)   Leave a comment

Staropramen Dark


Great day for America
(They’d have you believe).

Name: Staropramen Dark
Type: dark lager
Venue: Hotel Deutsche Eiche, Bremen

Review/notes: I took an hour and fourteen minutes to run up to be two weeks late for the Rhododendren Park displays…only about 1 in every 1000 plants was still blooming but the place is probably glorious at its peak.  From there, I walked toward the University along Tram Line #4 looking for a pub at which I could watch the Germany v. USA match, but finding none in several miles decided to settle on a hotel that looked like it had a brilliant bar inside.

It did, in fact, and the Staropramen Dark was grand…sort of a combo of beer, coffee, tea, and some nut-rich dessert.  Pricy at €2.50 per 300mL, I stopped at 2, reluctantly (although not as reluctantly as the Americans backed into the knock out rounds of the World Cup).

Hotel Deutsche Eiche Bremen


I realise it is rude but I only half listen to the chit-chat (blah-blah-blah) at work and only pricked my ears when the German trainer was talking to the Dutch co-trainee about how German infiltrators were caught out by being unable to pronounce Scheveningen.  He also brought up that German operatives were eating what were then considered luxury items at the time although they were trying to pass off as working class (I pointed out that instead of herring, they should have opted for tulip bulbs, but this didn’t seem to add anything).

Then the conversation shifted to the German and the Russian and the following exchange, approximately, occurred:

G: “You guys deported EVERYONE.”
R: “Yes, it’s shameful, but you seemed to have a more focused agenda. And, more Russians are willing to deny any of it.”
G: “Yes, we DID keep meticulous records.”

Dark, though it is (darker than the beer, by far), the European sense of humour (or pathos, anyway) can’t be beaten.


[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

Starfish Fish N Chips, Bremen, Germany, Chippy Challenge #70   1 comment

Star Food Fish N Chips Bremen Germany yum


[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: cod
Sides: chips and slaw
Evaluation: Starfish (recently renamed Star Food but having both signs up) yielded some of the best fish and chips I’ve had this year.  They wanted to put mayo or chilli sauce on the chips and I only knew the Dutch for vinegar and eventually the lead guy ran over to a table and grabbed a bottle.  More of a kebab stand, this was truly better than I expected.
Days since last: 3 (Happy Seafood, Amsterdam)
Map link.

Star Food Fish N Chips Bremen Germany

Odd synchronicity with Headington here in Bremen…have to wonder if the 5th Bremen Musician is a shark:

shark wall bremen

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

DT #175, 24 June 2014 (Konig Pilsner)   Leave a comment

Konig Pilsner Mexcal Bremen

No one can fuck up
Mexican food as well as
Europeans can.

Name: Konig
Type: pilsner
Recipe: Take a heaping serving of expectation and pour a generous portion of doused dreams on top; then have someone shit all over it.  Serve with a pitcher of pilsner (eventually).
Venue: Mexcal, Bremen, Germany

Review/notes:  One of the things I looked forward to on this rare trip to Bremen was trying out Mexcal a second time. The first visit was sublime and outside of Mexico (including the technically U.S. territories just south of the Tucson city centre) had to be one of the best Mexican meals I ever had. And, they had beer by the pitcher at a reasonable price.

The beer by the pitcher was still at a reasonable price but the waiter brought me a Pepsi despite me pointing at the item on the menu. The waitress returned with a mug and I said what I thought was, “Does that look like a pitcher?” while miming the action of pouring a pitcher. By this time, I had already consumed the chips and bland salsa and ten minutes later the pitcher arrived along with my burrito.

The burrito was okay but full of corn kernels fresh from a big freezer bag purchased at Lidl. The menu has this as one of the last items while the black beans — almost absent from the assembly — featured prominently at the top of the ingredients list. The spice was probably okay save for the starchy corn salad I had to suffer.

But the beer was good and I think it was free of spit and urine. At least, I’ll sleep better if I believe that.

Konig Pilsner Mexcal Bremen dead soldier

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

DT #174, 23 June 2014 (Haake Beck)   1 comment

Haake Beck Stadtgefluester Bremen post run

I got an iPhone
From a dodgy supplier
And cracked security.

Name: Haake Beck
Type: pilsner
Venue: Stadtgeflüster, Bremen, Germany

Stadtgefluester Bremen

Review/notes: Brilliant pub.  Everyone in it turned and stared at me as I stood outside sweating, wheezing, with a large compression bandage on my neck, and taking a photo of the place…local house.  No one spoke a word of English, either.  But, the best thing was the large Haake Beck was €1.50…decent pricing here.

So, I killed time on the train hacking into the recently acquired iPhone and now not only is it running like new but it has some GPS apps.  I’m not supposed to run until the stitches are out and the slice on my neck is healed but I felt antsy and as a bonus got to try out Map-My-Run.  It was fairly short and I came to a halt a couple of times to see how it was doing but I can imagine getting used to this.

beer run bremen 2014-06-23

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

The end: Wines in June Part 2   Leave a comment

“Why is there so much wine left at the end of my money?” — Milan Maximovich, RIP

It was a nice run, this past 6 month tour of mostly cheap wines.  As the last post of its type, I put links to the previous wine posts at the bottom of the page along with the list of wines on each of those posts.  This was always in the plans, but especially helps fill out this post, shorter otherwise than the others.

Home after a hard day of failure and dismay, I didn’t feel like cooking with any imagination.  We had a bottle of Shiraz Rosé and I paired it up with crap we had lying around: bell peppers which I stuffed with, essentially, meat loaves of beef, rice, cheddar, garlic, and green onions, then stewed in tomatoes and some rich beef broth.

Later in the week, things improved and we had some chicken breasts on salads with a very tarry Retsina.  I usually don’t go for the pine resin wines unless I’m cooking something gamey and Greek and this was really an unfair pairing but the vinaigrette levelled the playing field a little.

Several days of wines I know we’ve shared with you passed then we were dry and I picked up a couple of nice ribeyes at Brian’s and a superb Côtes du Rhône at the market.  This one had a bit more character and mineral tones than most of the CdR’s we have been experimenting with (approaching a mid-range Chateauneuf du Pape in depth and linger).  I’ll get a case of this, soon.

The pizza dough I made for an early dinner leaked some of the topping juices and the stone slab I put in the oven for a baking surface cracked in half.  I think I need to go to a cemetery monument place and just get a polished slab of marble to replace it, but it will take some research…this one was supposed to be much more robust.  Speaking of robust, this is actually a pretty good box wine especially with spicy fare:

I returned from my work trip to Bremen (where I mostly had good wines quite cheaply in the carafe, reviewed as much as they might be, in one of the Bremen posts) to find no wine in the house so Saturday I replenished the stocks with 6 new bottles.  We also are losing our butcher for 4 weeks as he and his wife are off for a cruise in the Med; we stocked up on yummy morsels and I had a wee cooking fest using some of the overly salted bacon (cured there) as pancetta to flavour (along with garlic) some wilted spinach and watercress:

The main attraction, though, was the standing rib roast; this was seared for twenty minutes at 225 deg C then cooked to an internal ‘rare’ temperature in an oven reduced to 150 C.  Left to rest for the 25 minutes the potatoes (coated with goose fat) needed to roast to perfection, everything was lovely entirely as it was BEFORE we corked the bottle of grenache/syrah/carignan with the heavy blackberry flavours.  The beef cut with the dull side of a fork, the potatoes were fluffy inside but crusty without, and the greens were bitter, salty, and ever-so-slightly metallic (like they should be).  The wine stood its ground, too: heavy in the mouth, complimentary to the still bleeding beef, and complementary to the mild spices in the veg while as complex in the fore- as the after-taste.

Like most of the wines (with rare exceptions) this one was inexpensive-to-cheap but turned out to be a successful choice for the simple meals I prepare around the house.  A very nice way to end this series of posts!

June wines in this posting were:

Ryan Shiraz Rose
Kourtaki Retsina of Attica
Perrin Nature Cotes du Rhone
Fab Cab Cabernet-Shiraz
Languedoc Grenache Syrah Carignan



Entire list, some redundant (118 bottles here, plus 20-25 duplicates and a lot of carafes in restaurants):
The Horse of Parnassus, or Wine January 2012:

Heidsieck Monopole
Cellier des Princes Cotes du Rhone Villages
Hardy’s Shiraz
Barbera d’Asti
Piccini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Montoya Brut Cava
Gran Conti
Berberana Rioja
Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc
Piccini Memoro
Calloway Crossing Cabernet/Shiraz
Marques de Carano
Promenade Cotes du Rhone
Tesco Simply Chianti
“Or, any other reason why”: Wine February 2012:

Tesco Simply Shiraz (box)
Chateau La Rose Videau 2006
Camplazens Marselan
Jacktone Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon
Long Country Merlot
Marques de Amba
Faustino Rivero
Le Preare Valpolicella
Torretta di Mondelli Pinot Grigio
La Casita Shiraz
Colpasso Nero d’Avola
Lagunilla Rioja
Chateau Poujeaux  Moulis en Medoc (1999)
Gran Artizan Syrah
Wines from France Cab Sav
Stork’s Landing Pinot Noir Shiraz
Wines from France Chard
Mondelli Chianti
Graham Beck Railroad Red
Stowell’s Shiraz Mataro
“I cook with wine…” Wine March 2012 A:

First Cape Cabernet Sauvignon
Mondelli Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Le Parimoine Côtes du Rhône Villages
Sainsbury’s Côtes du Rhône
Blossom Hill Shiraz Grenache
Two dramatic features: Wine March 2012 B  :

Palastri Primitivo
Stone Road Shiraz Grenache
Claret from Aldi
Sainsbury’s Cabernet Sauvignon
La Patrie Cahors Malbec
Contemptible Scoundrels, or Wines March 2012 Part C:

Linoti Pinot Grigio
Famiglia Terraccio Chianti
Monte Nobile Squinzano Riserva
McGuigan Grenache Shiraz Mourvedere
Unico Brindisi Riserva
Living partners: Wine March 2012 part D:

Prestige de Calvet Bordeaux
Palais des Anciens Cotes du Roussillon Villages
Gigondas from Tesco
Piccini Memoro
Wines from France Cobieres
The affordable bottles: Wine March 2012 part E (and into April):

Chateau de l’Estang Cotes de Castillon
Villa Taurini Barbero
Famiglia Terraccio Chianti Riserva
Blaxland Shiraz
Zalze Shiraz Mouvedre Viognier
Wise guy, eh?: Wine, April Part A:

Namaqua Shiraz
Leopard’s Leap CabSav-Merlot
Hardy’s Cab Sav
Ancora Sangiovese at Fratellos
McWilliam’s Markview Shiraz
Bergerac CabSav-Merlot
Ocean’s Edge Pinot Noir
La Métropole Red
Vinedos Barrihuelo Rioja
Les Epillets Macon Rouge
La Châsse Chardonnay
Days of laughter and running: Wine April Part B:

Roc de Lussac Saint Emilion with seared steaks
WfF Cotes du Rhone with curry-esque spag-bol
Tierra Antica Cabernet Sauvignon at the Dragon Castle, London
Rosso Sanleo at La Dolce Vita, London
Vini d’Autore Montepulciano d’Abruzzo at Bizarro Italian, London
Piccini Chianti Riserva
Pone Veneto and Shyraz (cooking only…foul)
Marques de Carano Gran Seleccion
La Chasse Cotes du Rhone.
Ideas, things, and…Wine for May Part 1:

Rey de Copas La Mancha
Rio Vida Airen Sauvignon Blanc
Rib Shack Red
Battlefield Sauvignon Blanc
Battlefield Cab Sav
McGuigan Cab Sav
Milford Point Sauvignon Blanc
Moondarra Shiraz
Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages
Getting a taste for it — Wines for May Part 2:

Tesco Finest Chianti Riserva
Ravens Wood Zinfindel
Voor Paardeberg Roussanne
La Pradera Monastrell
Villa Cafaggio Chianti Classico
McWilliams Chardonnay
Mondelli Chianti
Inycon Grillo
Mundella Shiraz
Sainsbury’s Marzemino
Prestige de Calvet Bordeaux
Improving with age: Wine May Part 3:

Sainsbury’s Cava
Marchais Merlot
Lindeman’s Cabernet
Antichi Borghi Chianti
Sierra Salinas
Rawnsley Chardonnay
And, a host of anonymous house wines, a liter at a time.
Say, ‘yes,’ to: Wine June Part 1 :

Terres de Galets Cotes du Rhone
Tesco Ryan Shiraz Rose
Garland Crest Grenache Rose
Calloway Crossing Shiraz Rose
Isla Negra Cabernet Sauvignon Rose
Bodega Monte Real Malbec Shiraz
Reserve de Bonpas Cotes du Rhone
Blaxland Shiraz
Tesco Simply Rose
Wines from France Bordeaux Superieur
Edizione Sette Otto Nove Pinot Grigio
Sainsbury’s Montepulciano

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