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Fairford Kebab and Pizza, Fairford, Gloucestershire (kpw* for week 49)   1 comment

[*kpw = kebab per week for 2013, as noted in an earlier post and the 53rd entry for the 2013 Challenge]

fairford kebab and chips

I’m always knocked out by Fairford with its medieval layout and ancient buildings (albeit surrounded by modern estates due to the USAF presence at RAF Fairford a mile or so to the south).  It isn’t exactly the sort of place I expected to find a good kebab or bad chips but I was in turn pleasantly surprised and sorely disappointed with my snack from the Fairford Kebab and Pizza house.  The meat was a delight and didn’t sit very heavy (neither fatty nor salty) and the chilli sauce was functional-to-quite-good.  The chips were not nearly so good, though, with about a third of their thickness a polymerised crust of oil from the initial blanching dip in the fryer.  Oh, well, it was cheap and it took the edge off before the run back to Lechlade.

fairford kebab

Eight Bells, Fairford, Gloucestershire   Leave a comment

eight bells fairford sign

It was clear out and supper was already sorted (a pot of broth to make some Pho from the leftover thanksgiving guinea fowl with some sprouts and spring onions). The breeze was mild, skies partly cloudy, temperature chilly but not miserable, and Jackie was at work for the afternoon so I caught the bus to Lechlade to do a run through the Cotswold Water Parks out-and-back to Fairford where there are a half-dozen pubs I still haven’t tried.

Lechlade Fairford run

One of those, the Eight Bells, appeared as I emerged from the trails. Inside the 300-year-old boozer I was greeted by everyone attending as if I had been going there for years. Hungry, I went for the real ale (Arkell’s 3B’s) as it has live yeast and a bit more body than a lager or any of the cider I spotted at the bar.

A nice crowd, as I said, they seemed incredulous that I had run from Lechlade and that I was going to run back by 5. Then when I said I was going to grab a kebab before leaving town they insisted I was totally full of shit…which is fair enough but, as I told them, “I’m quite hungry and I’ve done this before.”

eight bells fairford

The Bull Hotel, Fairford, Gloucestershire (pub #992)   Leave a comment

Is 10:30 too early to serve beer? Perish the thought at the Bull Hotel, which worked out well for me. An hour earlier, I had not decided where to do my daily run and spotted a bus to Fairford that was leaving Swindon at 9:53. Still sitting around in my underwear (well, naked, but most people can’t relate to that for some reason) drinking my second cup of coffee I had to make a quick decision and was dressed and dashing toward the Station a few minutes later.

The Bull is really nice inside and looks to be a very old but VERY well maintained hotel. There are little rooms off in almost every direction, lots of windows, and it is very welcoming for a place so posh. A very comfortable and civilised location for a beverage.

There’s an RAF base nearby…the American influence is all over the place

It is an Arkells so I had a Wiltshire Gold which was perfect and cheap, but noticed later that Czech style Pilsner was on offer (NEXT time, I guess). The muzak volume was low and the mix was doo-wop heavy. I could spend hours here.

Run every day in September 2012-09-08 (Fairford and Thames Path)   2 comments

Start of the run, in Fairford


Another day, another 13.6 miles, another six pubs, and some more pretty scenery.  The weather continues to hold, which is absolutely surreal both after the summer (such as it was) we just suffered and my past record of shitty weather on holiday (we seemed to have broken that streak over New Years weekend a couple of years back and have had good luck with it since).

I spent a lot of this run on busy A-roads on which you assume a strange rhythm of running anywhere from 10 seconds to a couple of minutes then hopping up onto the verge (that’s “shoulder,” American-English speakers) and slogging slowly through waist deep nettles and briars–invigorating.

USAF influence on the area is palpable…this is in the bar at the Bull Hotel, Fairford

There was a cricket pitch and some fields to cross just out of Meysey Hampton and I couldn’t find the off-road trails on the way to Kempsford.  After Castle Eaton, which is supposed to be a charming village in which many movies and tv shows set in the 18th and 19th centuries are filmed but none of that was apparent on the route I took.

A bridge in Castle Eaton, but if you google pictures of ‘bridge in Castle Eaton’ you get these fantastic stone structures. Still, nice place for a beer break.

The final four miles were along the Thames Path into Cricklade but this was really not as pretty as I hoped (a bit dull, in fact).

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