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Got my 2012 London Marathon Acceptance Letter   2 comments

Okay, let’s try this again…last year I had to drop out of the London Marathon due to broken vertebrae and ribs, recently collapsed lung, and ligament damage that I am still recovering from 9-½ months later.  So, I got an automatic re-entry.  (Update: it was a pleasant day…write up here → ).

My plan was to destroy the World Record for Fastest Marathon by a dude in a nurses uniform (by wearing some sort of fetish outfit for my attempt, but at a minimum something traditional and recognisable as a nurse outfit).  Unfortunately, this jackass (below) claimed the prize at a speed I can’t beat whilst wearing a hospital shirt and a hat with a red cross on it…I wonder if I can sponsor a Kenyan to write the word “NURSE” on the back of his bib label to snatch this away from him, since that seems to meet the criterium for a ‘uniform.’  At least I was going to abandon my dignity overtly.

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