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Swindon and Community Policing   Leave a comment

Swindon DIY policing

The Big Society — the idea that everyone should pitch in to do the things, like library work and teaching adult literacy, that we used to depend on competent professionals to do –seems to have creeped into law enforcement and crime investigations.  As a victim, please retrieve one of the conveniently distributed Evidence Bags and deposit blood samples and any shards of glass or other pieces of makeshift weaponry you can find.  Bring this to the Magistrate’s Court and wait patiently to register your items before continuing on to A&E down the hospital.  Thank you for helping Swindon and Britain become better places to live for everyone.

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No, and stop asking stupid questions…   Leave a comment

2014-06-18 Christadelphian Church sign
2014-06-18 Christadelphian Church sign

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Fuller’s Bengal Lancer   Leave a comment

fuller's bengal lancer ipa

Another day of the close-to-home vacation and another beer, this time Fuller’s Bengal Lancer with the theme of “Empire” and “War in Asia,” as seems most appropriate with our proof of Sarin gas (remember that vial of Anthrax?) and our close adherence to International Law (shouldn’t the Hague be involved in investigating, prosecuting and punishing war crimes?).  Oh, well, on the lighter side of the news, David Frost Died and Nelson Mandela has gone home to hospice.

The beer got a Dutch pour and was quite rich in flavour, oakey, even.  Okie-dokie even.  Oh, here’s a cute kitty sculpture over on the Okus Road:

kitties on garage in okus

250,000 overnight   Leave a comment

Logged off the pc with this many:

249993 hits

Back on for some coffee next morning with this:

250018 hits

Quarter of a million (plus a shitload of phishing hits); and, most of the posts have an intended audience of 7-10 people.  The net is baffling.

Show us you’re tits   6 comments

It’s not sexist with that spelling (but it’s how bell ends interpret what others see clearly to be a ‘Comment’ box, bell ends like those that are so bent out of shape about the 165 words, mostly quite kind, in the sketch of the Woodman, indeed, please show us that you are a bunch of tits).  Sexist might entail something like page 3 of the paper the Woodman’s manager enjoys:

steven whiting x

I suggest you buy the Sun today…on the front page it states a racist internet troll has been caged for two months…..

I have added corrections, in red, suggested by Mark, another thoughtful reader and Wood/Man loyalist and this should ease the fears of white-on-white racism that seem to be so near and dear to these folks. I should point out that mentioning bad service and foreign nationality is observant, and that bad service DUE to foreign nationality is xenophobic but neither is racist. When I do bother with racism, I tend to get it right as in this poster for a hash I hared a few years back (look and learn fools):

Well attended by wetbacks, whiteys, black folk and red Indians

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Happy Xmas (But, Don’t Let It Fool You)   4 comments

Somewhere in my attic, and I’ll scan it when I find it after the move, I have a Cristmas card scrawled in this pathetic bastard’s crippled scrawl that he sent from Murfreesboro Tennessee in 1984 or 1985, with the above inscription in crayon:

As he said to me a few days after a mutual friend blew his head all over a bedroom wall in Griffin Georgia, “I guess he just couldn’t cut it.”

Vic Chesnutt–whose only talent appeared to be milking his paralysis for a rudimentary amount of fame (most famous quote I can remember, “you can’t do this to me…I’m a cripple,” led me to believe that the first phrase we should learn in a foreign language is “you can’t do this to me I’m an American”).

Like his most recent, and final, adventure he attained the endowed Pity Fuck Chair in the Department of Athens Musicology, Flagpole College, 40 Watt University,  by a failed suicide attempt at the end of a night of drinking especially heavily two nights before I left for the Army in 1983 (by driving his car into a ditch and not the apparent target, a manufactured home just inside Hwy 19/41 on his way “home”).

Not very talented, and spouting juvenile lyrics built around a likewise manufactured mystique as thin and transparent as a colostomy bag, he finally has completed the act. That so many talented musicians flocked to play on the stage with him still baffles, and you could often get them to play up to their potential (leaving their little Ironsides in the performance dust) by heckling Vic.  Like now.

RIP, or whatever, go fuck yourself.  Here are some more, early obituaries.

Entertainment Weekly

NewYork Times (official obit will appear in a day or so)

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