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Pump It Or Bump It   Leave a comment

Of all the Advent themed marketing ploys I have been spammed with this season, this is the one that makes me giggle most:


Pump It Or Bump It Original

because I keep thinking this:

Pump It Or Bump It

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Lebanese food in Old Town!   Leave a comment

Royal Oak Old Town Lebanese

Walking to the butcher I spotted the above markings on the Royal Oak.  Great news as we could use a bit of middle eastern food in town (and I dearly love Lebanese).

Speaking of news, the advertising ‘help’ at the Swindon Advertiser seem to have let down the side when they allowed the proprietors to publish their advert.  There’s no phone number or address, and the argument that there is only one Royal Oak in Swindon is belied by a Google search (every Royal Oak within 20 miles is listed as the Royal Oak, {insert village}, Swindon).  While Royal Oak is the 2nd most common pub name (after Red Lion). that this particular Royal Oak, over the last couple of years,  has only been open when a gig was booked and that it has absolutely fuck-all web presence is probably considered irrelevant to this argument.

For good measure (or perhaps I should say “For Good Mezza”), here’s the advert:


Royal Oak somewhere Lebanese

No street address, no phone number, no neighbourhood mentioned, no web link…smart advert!


Update 25 April 2014…new improved advert one week after the first one:

2014-04-25 royal oak new advert


English as a Second Language: Tennessee Chicken, Swindon   Leave a comment

ESOL tennessee chicken 2014-01-04

Arriving through our letter box on 4 January, a flyer informs us that Tennessee Chicken is open ‘all over the festive season’ that just ended.  Nothing says good fried chicken like Tennessee, though (if they do to Kentucky chicken what Jack Daniels does to bourbon they should be run out of the country, though).

Hash lyrics spring to mind   Leave a comment

I need to get back to the Hash, soon.  I’m even seeing hash lyrics in adverts in the local paper:

“Head? Who said, ‘head’?”

North Wiltshire Sex Tourism Advert   1 comment

I think they forgot the comma:

Swindon, twinned with Bukkake, Japan

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Levonelle   Leave a comment

This advert keeps showing up on television over here and I hope it stays on YouTube so I don’t have to upload it meself.  Imagine if this turned up on the tube in, say, Macon Georgia or Phoenix Arizona…

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