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The Full Moon, Rudge, Somerset   1 comment

Full Moon Rudge mascot

Just over 3 miles into the day’s run the Full Moon appeared off to the right.  It looked closed but I stopped anyway to check out the free book stall (I’ve seen a lot of phone boxes converted this way, and it is always a welcome sight).  A couple emerged from the door and I decided to give the bar a try.

Full Moon Rudge books

It was a very small bar, indeed, as the Inn seems more dedicated to food.  I suspect the proprietor, Fernando, is a better chef than bartender or cellarman.  The Guinness I had was lifeless and far too cold and not even worth the discount price (and certainly not worth the wait for service).

2014-12-27 Westbury 10 miles

With many planned stops, today, I couldn’t linger anyway.  It is a fine old house, though, and the sunny windows were tempting to sit in for at least a second go at the poorly poured stout.

Full Moon Rudge

The Bell Inn, Great Cheverell, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

Bell Inn Great Cheverell

I left the Green Dragon and took a bit of a trundle into the next village on the off-chance the Churchill Arms was opening early (nope), and continued via Little Cheverell to the Owl which, on asking directions from an old guy, I found to be not only closed but converted to a private residence (doh!).  Still, it wasn’t yet noon and I had a mile or more to go before reaching the Bell Inn in Great Cheverell and despite the heavier than expected traffic on the roads I had a pleasant little jog up to the hostelry.

As I reached the Bell and the old guy in the photo (above), the church bells pealed.  “They must have known you were coming,” he said; “it was a logistical nightmare to arrange it, too,” I replied.  He’d been out for a walk, as well, and we talked about my route and the unusual weather and, of course, if the pub was open yet.  A woman appeared from the graveyard with a sack full of windfallen greenery; “first the bells, and now they’ve arranged a garland for you,” he suggested.  “As it should be, sir, as it should be,” I left them with.

Inside, the publican and his assistant were nutty and nice each in their own way and I decided to sip the Doom Bar slowly and enjoy the show.  A few lunchers arrived then a fellow came up to the bar and ordered a glass of wine.  “A bottle, surely,” suggested the landlord. “Your hard sell belies flawless logic…go on, then,” returned the punter.  I liked this place and its regulars immediately from that point.

I liked it even more after Mr. Noon-Bottle bought me another pint (a “Wiltshire half” was how he put it) and we continued the what-the-fuck-brought-you-to-Swindon conversation for a half hour longer.  Very funny fellow, too.  I owe him a beer now, but with so many other pubs to hit around here I hope I can make good on that, soon.  Maybe a jog that starts later in the day should be scheduled.

Oh, the pub is great and I hear the ribs are absolutely sinful.

The Green Dragon, Market Lavington, Wiltshire   1 comment

Green Dragon Market Lavington sign

It has been years since I worked in a busy restaurant or bar but when I see it done poorly it tears at my soul.

I watched with grief as the landlord of this fine establishment proved incapable of even the most rudimentary multitasking.  I entered and stepped up to get a beer when he walked away for 5 minutes and eventually returned with some cream for the folks having coffee nearby.

Two cyclists came in and tried to order a cappuccino and a tea but he couldn’t hear them above the rush of blood through his brain as he concentrated on pulling my pint.  He came around and gathered up the pub dog (whose ears I was scratching) and then disappeared into the depths of the pub; on his return he asked the cyclists, “what can I get you gentlemen?”

Amused, they repeated their order and from my vantage I could see through an access window to where he went to fix the cups, methodically and very slowly prepping the cappuccino then bringing it out then sauntering back to put the kettle on, pour the hot water on the teabag then stand there for two minutes before bringing the cuppa out, then doubling back to get some milk for the cuppa.  Flabbergasting.

He’s a nice enough fellow and he had employees trickling in that might well be competent.  Maybe he’s a financial genius or a better hotelier than publican…the house really is nicely kept and absolutely charming.


Green Dragon Market Lavington

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Wallingford Arms, Didcot, Oxfordshire   Leave a comment

Wallingford Arms Didcot

Having polished off the heavy fish and chip meal, I restarted my third run of the night to loop back to Didcot Station (the first was the pre-emptive attempt to attend the lab Christmas Party).  It was raining fairly hard and I was carrying a 20 kg backpack full of other wet gear and was suddenly overcome with thirst.  The Wallingford appeared over the top of my fogged glasses and I ventured in.

Friendly enough inside (there were actually some people around the corner from where I took the bar picture), I was happy to sit in something like a roadhouse and drink a strong cider to straightforward rock ‘n’ roll blaring from the tannoy.  I think last call was at 10:30 because the barkeep rang a bell and the music shifted to Taylor Swift — alright, alright…I’m drinking up already, you don’t have to be cruel about it.

Wallingford Arms Didcot bar

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The Crown, Cerney Wick, Gloucestershire   Leave a comment

crown cerney wick sign

“Boot and Bonnet and Everything On It,” was how the regular described the classic MG body, never mounted on a frame, that a garage nearby has in its yard for sale.  He had initiated a conversation with the older couple who drove up in a classic Jag E-type and before long they were discussing where to find spare parts and when the next rally trip was going to be.

Copacetic, but they were hogging the fireplace, too, although the bar was a good second choice to sit. Soon, I was joined by a newcomer in Wellies. “Where’s your car, then?” asked Mr Spare Parts. “I didn’t bring it, did I,” replied Mr Muddy Boots but in his West Country accent that came out, “Oi dinta bringih, did oi?”  “How’d you come, then?” Spare Parts continued. Muddy answered, “Arn me shanks,” and slapped one of his own thighs for emphasis.

crown cerney wick lounge

Two-thirds of the fine, old house was dedicated to the dining area through some abbey-styled windows and heavy doors.  The lounge was fairly atmospheric and the carpet was another version of the red-pub-rug that we put into our dining room or the one in the Alma I spotted last week.  But, if I was going to linger I would need to get out of the rapidly cooling sweaty kit and into something dry, so I drank up and headed back out to the trails.

crown cerney wick


DT #338, 4 December 2014 (Loose Cannon Abingdon Bridge)   Leave a comment

Loose Cannon Abingdon Bridge


Running in the dark
Without head torch, reflectors,
Nor nowt common sense.

Name: Loose Cannon Abingdon Bridge
Type: bitter
Venue: Greyhound, Besselsleigh

Review/notes: Cold night with light mist and I forgot to bring a torch so some of the run away from the lab was by feel, by zen.  Great little trot, though, and the hill was pleasant enough even with the unsure footing.

2014-12-04 Oxford to Besselsleigh

Nothing appealed for lunch so I had a small bowl of carrot and coriander soup around 2pm so that I was ravenous by the time I reached the Greyhound.  I asked if they had anything dark like a mild, porter or stout and the Eastern Bloc bartender suggested that the Abingdon Bridge was as dark as they had.  It was actually surprisingly satisfying although as I was paying I noticed (of course!) that there was Guinness (there is always Guinness).

Loose Cannon Abingdon Bridge pump


Middle of Day 11 and Lukas stepped up the pace (oh, yeah, he’s ‘taking the pace’) by doing 390 miles in about 16 hours (although it is logged as 33 more hours)…what a winner! :


[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

November Recap: DT, CC, GHad, and Pub Count   41 comments

DT nov recap

Thirteen of the Daily Tipples were in the beer category with 12 pub visits (6 of which were Wetherspoons, 5 of those were the Four Candles).  The highlight of the month had to be tasting the finished batch of Two Cures, though, with the worst experience of the bunch the very disappointing trip to The Lighthouse:

DT # Date Name Type Venue
305 01-Nov Wadworth Green Hopped Beer bitter The Prince of Wales
310 06-Nov Ellgood’s Cambridge Bitter bitter Four Candles
315 11-Nov Summerskills Ninja Beer bitter Four Candles
326 22-Nov Brewers’ Blizzard bitter The Bear
327 23-Nov Arkell’s Centennial bitter The Clifton
330 26-Nov Fireside Ale bitter Red Lion
334 30-Nov Bishop’s Finger bitter house
311 07-Nov Rooster’s Union Gap blonde ale Four Candles
333 29-Nov Cameron’s Gold Bullion golden ale Mug House
328 24-Nov Tuborg lager Four Candles
321 17-Nov Cotswold Spring OSM mild Four Candles
316 12-Nov Krušovice pilsner The Lighthouse
320 16-Nov Malmesbury Westport porter The Hop Inn
DT # Date Name Type Venue
318 14-Nov Two Cures Sloe Gin booze house
322 18-Nov Sloe Gin Fizz booze house
313 09-Nov Wychwood Ginger Beard ginger beer house
DT # Date Name Type Venue
308 04-Nov Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet red wine house
309 05-Nov Villa Verde Montepulciano d’Abruzzo red wine house
312 08-Nov Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon red wine house
314 10-Nov Vaucluse Grenache-Syrah red wine house
317 13-Nov Viña Maipo Merlot red wine house
319 15-Nov Petit Monde French Red red wine house
324 20-Nov Corte Viola Cabernet Veneto red wine Bella Italia
325 21-Nov Hardy’s Bankside Shiraz red wine house
332 28-Nov Vinsobres Cru de Côtes du Rhône red wine house
323 19-Nov Hardy’s Bankside Rosé rose wine house
331 27-Nov Torretta Prosecco sparkling wine house
306 02-Nov Chateau Pierrousselle Entre Deux Mers white wine house
307 03-Nov Castelliere Pinot Grigio white wine house
329 25-Nov Sorso Pinot Grigio white wine house


The Chippy Challenge dragged until the last week of the month but there were some spectacular examples (Crispy Cod and Robinson’s Traditional Fish and Chips) and some crimes against cuisine (Marmaris and WingLoon House):

CC nov recap


# Name Where Date Venue Type
109 Prince of Wales Shrivenham, Oxfordshire 01-Nov-14 Pub
110 Morrison’s Café Swindon, Wiltshire 08-Nov-14 other
111 WingLoon House Oxford, Oxfordshire 14-Nov-14 Chippy
112 Marmaris Swindon, Wiltshire 21-Nov-14 Chippy
113 Robinson’s Traditional Fish and Chips Bowerhill, Wiltshire 22-Nov-14 Chippy
114 Red Lion Marston, Oxfordshire 26-Nov-14 Pub
115 Pinehurst Fisheries Swindon, Wiltshire 28-Nov-14 Chippy
116 Crispy Cod Worcester, Worcestershire 29-Nov-14 Chippy


The GHadHHH had two minor trails this month, one each versus the Oxford and Moonrakers hashes, both night efforts.  More importantly was the treatise on IntifadHHHa and CalipHHHate differences in this confusing era of global Hashlam and its various pretenders.

pub nov recap


Pub count: this month only added 8 more pubs to the total and all of them came on runs.  Started the calendar year with 1197 and the blog year (19 January) with 1201 so it is shaping up to the weakest effort of the 6 years so far but at 1280 I hope to hit 1300 before the end of 2014.

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