DT #365, 31 December 2014 (Aubert et Fils Brut)   Leave a comment

Aubert et fils NYE 2014


Twenty-nine years on,
Happy anniversary
At least one more time.

Name: Aubert et Fils Brut
Type: champagne
Venue: house

Review/notes: The Wedding Anniversary pub crawl was epic and started at 2 pm.  We hit the the Wheatsheaf (normally closed in the afternoon) for a cider then the Steam Railway for a cider and a bitter then the Goddard Arms for I don’t remember what and the Kings and the Old Bank, with a double-back by the Pig on the Hill and the Royal Oak (quite bleak) before we dropped to Byron’s because the Regent was closed as we passed (and we stumbled right by the Hop Inn).  Then, the Beehive interrupted the path to the Castle and the Crown before we wasted the evening (again) at the Donkey (after a great meal and a bottle of wine at the Thai Orchid).  Close to midnight, we wandered home and hit the champagne just in time to watch Jules Holland count down (but we were listening to Joe Cocker on vinyl, as you do).

royal oak swindon nye 2014

I’m glad they refurbished and reopened the place, really. But, we were the only people there at 6 pm and the only staff member decided to leave the place silent as the crypt for 10 minute stretches only to punctuate it with a single (and I should add, very well chosen) song before the next long silence. Baffling, but goes some way toward explaining the empty pub.


The ‘run’ was interrupted a dozen (plus) times as we tried (semi-successfully) to hit every open bar in Old Town and Eastcott this afternoon.  We went back to the house once and had to double back for the Donkey after some dinner.  Here is the cumulative route:

2014-12-31 Old Town crawl


Happy New Year, Mofo’s!

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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