The Full Moon, Rudge, Somerset   1 comment

Full Moon Rudge mascot

Just over 3 miles into the day’s run the Full Moon appeared off to the right.  It looked closed but I stopped anyway to check out the free book stall (I’ve seen a lot of phone boxes converted this way, and it is always a welcome sight).  A couple emerged from the door and I decided to give the bar a try.

Full Moon Rudge books

It was a very small bar, indeed, as the Inn seems more dedicated to food.  I suspect the proprietor, Fernando, is a better chef than bartender or cellarman.  The Guinness I had was lifeless and far too cold and not even worth the discount price (and certainly not worth the wait for service).

2014-12-27 Westbury 10 miles

With many planned stops, today, I couldn’t linger anyway.  It is a fine old house, though, and the sunny windows were tempting to sit in for at least a second go at the poorly poured stout.

Full Moon Rudge

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