The Crown, Westbury, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

Crown Westbury

Trying unsuccessfully to find the Horse and Groom, I gave up and entered the Lounge Bar of the Crown.  As I walked toward the loo, a huge dog started barking at me so once I finished I took to the Public Bar to get a 6X but there was nowhere to sit so I headed back into the Lounge where the dog recommenced his barking.


Crown Westbury dog

“I think it’s the hat, mate,” one of the guys at a nearby table offered.  I removed it, saying, “or maybe the sheep shit on my shoes has him excited;” however, as soon as I laid the cap on the table the beast rolled over and went back to sleep.  That’s right, etiquette lessons from a Great Dane.

Crown Westbury beer

It was another fine bar and one to linger at, but the trains were spaced by about two hours and I was really ready to head home at this point.  As I left, the first raindrops fell on what had, up until then, been a stunningly beautiful — if cold — day for a wee jog:

2014-12-27 Westbury 10 miles

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