DT #359, 25 December 2014 (Chateau Simard 1996 and Runny Brie)   3 comments

chateau simard 1996 and runny brie

Each had this question:
Whose family have I got
Fixed between my sights?

Name: Chateau Simard 1996
Type: red wine
Menu: Five hour duck done Peking duck style, some cornbread dressing, asparagus and sweet potato pie
Venue: house

Review/notes: Wine was absolutely spectacular but we should have decanted (a bit of sediment).  Writing up the meal a bit later which will include the run, the rum, the slow gin, the other bottles of wine, the pie, the Peking duck (2 days worth of prep), some bubbly and the rest of Christmas too-much.  Sleepy, now, and Eastenders is on.

The Haiku: This wasn’t as big an event to folks in the States as it was to folks here (and, I would imagine, Germany).  Like most Americans, I came to know of the Christmas Truce from the song Christmas In The Trenches. It would be churlish of me to try to explain it here.  If you’re familiar with it, the link takes you to a recording: Christmas In The Trenches.  If you’re clueless why I’m banging on about it, give it a listen.   Or, for a more upbeat tune, try Santa’s Out of Rehab by Christmas (an Athens GA cut); and, to go with the Chinese duck meal there’s Christmastime For The Jews.  Merry Christmas.

Stolen from Flying Booger's  hashing blog

Stolen from Flying Booger’s hashing blog

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3 responses to “DT #359, 25 December 2014 (Chateau Simard 1996 and Runny Brie)

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  1. Just a little tired, your Brie…. 🙂 But the St-Em…..

    • It was actually fungal and sweet and bitter and buttery and too good for the likes of us. The photography was a little wanting. The St. Em was much better than the price tag would have suggested and I’m going back for a case on the 27th. Cheers.

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