DT #356, 22 December 2014 (Hobsons Postman’s Knock)   Leave a comment

Hobsons Postman's Knock


Oh, Mister Postman
Look and see. Is there porter
In your bag for me?

Name: Hobsons Postman’s Knock
Type: porter
Venue: house

Review/notes: No one sends Christmas cards from the States.  We got five in 2009, three in each of 2010-2012, and one last year (which arrived in mid-January this year).  We get a few from folks in England, Holland, and Germany and I got a ‘cancer-is-all-clear/no-more-surgery’ letter from the NHS which counts for a lot; but, a stamp and a note from far away would be nice, too. Bah, no one writes anymore.

CORRECTION: One card this year (in the postbox on Jackie’s arrival home, of course) from our Debra…you can always count on Debra:

2014-12-22 deb's card arrives

There’s hardly anyone in the lab now but we are still about ½ staffed when you pass the group office.  There were a couple of minor issues to sort this morning but I feel like I had time to work on my camera repair (and could kick myself for not bringing it with me).  The weather was mild but windy and I was a bit tired after the 27 mile weekend (more Friday-Sunday than I had been doing in a week since mid-October).  Today, it was a minimalist run down the Mesopotamia Walk and through the University Parks, for me:

2014-12-22 Mesopotamian Minimalist Meander

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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