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Cline Zinfandel and Beef Wellington

Life is far too short
To drink poor quality wine
(Too regularly).

Name: Cline Zinfandel
Type: red wine
Recipe: Beef Wellington: Sauté some chopped mushrooms, onions, and garlic slowly in butter till very soft adding a little Worcestershire sauce to bubble down the last couple of minutes.  Meanwhile, thoroughly brown all sides of a salted and black peppered beef roast (a cut that doesn’t need a lot of cooking to be tender).  Spread the sauce on a puff pastry then wrap this around the roast, seal the whole thing with beaten egg and bake at 200°C for ½ hour then letting rest for ½ hour more.  Serve with duck fat roasted potatoes and something fresh and green.

Venue: house

Review/notes: The wine was absolutely awesome.  I have its tasting notes, none of which seem to describe any aspect of this sublime beverage.  It really deserves to be drunk on its own or with spare nibbles, perhaps while listening to some baroque music wafting in on the summer breeze from a concert in a park.  It was among today’s purchase of 6 bottles from Majestic (a wine warehouse chain here in Britain) along with the annual Vin Santo from Franco and Anna.

2014 Xmas lineup

I had hoped to get the Vin Santo from the new Italian deli which is much closer to the house and far from the temptation of the discount wine store, but as I ran past it dawned on me that it is Sunday and the Gorse Hill trip was my only option.  Lugging a backpack stuffed with seven bottles up the Drove Road hill was slow going (for that matter, so was the flat bit along County Ground), but I finished with a full 4 miles (and change):

2014-12-21 Franco and Anna loop

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