Wallingford Arms, Didcot, Oxfordshire   Leave a comment

Wallingford Arms Didcot

Having polished off the heavy fish and chip meal, I restarted my third run of the night to loop back to Didcot Station (the first was the pre-emptive attempt to attend the lab Christmas Party).  It was raining fairly hard and I was carrying a 20 kg backpack full of other wet gear and was suddenly overcome with thirst.  The Wallingford appeared over the top of my fogged glasses and I ventured in.

Friendly enough inside (there were actually some people around the corner from where I took the bar picture), I was happy to sit in something like a roadhouse and drink a strong cider to straightforward rock ‘n’ roll blaring from the tannoy.  I think last call was at 10:30 because the barkeep rang a bell and the music shifted to Taylor Swift — alright, alright…I’m drinking up already, you don’t have to be cruel about it.

Wallingford Arms Didcot bar

Posted 2014/12/17 by Drunken Bunny in pubs, running streak

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