DT #342, 8 December 2014 (Adnams Yuletide)   1 comment

Adnams Yuletide


John Lydon (piss drunk),
Sheldonian Theatre,
Oxford Monday night.

Name: Adnams Yuletide
Type: bitter
Venue: Four Candles, Oxford

John Lydon 1a

Review/notes: Dirty and repetitive and alcoholic: butter salesman and former Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten spoke at the Sheldonian Theatre (designed by Christopher Wren, a fabulous venue). If you’ve seen him on tele twice (or more) then you’ve heard everything he said tonight, but it was still fun…in the way getting stuck in a bar conversation with a thoroughly lubricated old cunt can be once you resign yourself to it (meet me down the pub sometime if you’d like to test this theory).

The beer was likewise earthy, derivative (of other Adnams ales), and strong.  A winter warmer for standing on a cold train station platform.

John Lydon 2a

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  1. The G-Had lives at https://ghadhhh.wordpress.com/ but here is a comment that was mis-posted here, earlier:
    Infidel Dippy's boastful pleas

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