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2014-12-07 Train Station Radnor Street Cemetery

The 2014-15 Holiday Running Streak continued yesterday with a trip to the Swindon Rail Station to pick up some train tickets.  It was a gorgeous afternoon (if a bit nippy) and the Radnor Street Cemetery beckoned.  The ticket pick-up done, the return voyage saw the steep side of the cemetery and then a sprint to catch up to Jackie as she came up Eastcott Hill from work; the scent of pork roast and chicken and pheasant broth I had been cooking all day greeted us at home…really perfect winter stuff.

2014-12-08 morning loop

Today, the run was before sunrise but still kind of late for last year’s morning jogs.  The rail trail is kind of spooky that time of day and I ditched it for Wichelstowe and a loop by Nationwide and up Marlborough Road.  Glad to get the daily 3 miles out of the way early, this may be the way to go for the rest of the hols.

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