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2014-12-02 richard m on the fastest pace yet

We have a champion but there is plenty of room at the top.  While I was checking my non-work internet crap at lunch I went to the Brooks Holiday Marathon Page I mentioned earlier in an attempt to get bogus entrants.  The top 30 places are populated with just the regular liars and a few probable real runners but by the time I scrolled back everyone had shifted down by one to make room for Richard M’s ascension.  Fantastic, in 8 days he has 12 runs averaging better than 3:45 per mile for 314.4 miles (nearly 40 per day).  Please, get your ludicrous asses out there or, at least, on your computers.  We want to really stink this thing up.

For my own effort, I included my run to the bus station this morning to get in a less-than-one-mile run as a box-ticking exercise, then hopped of the bus in Besselsleigh to run into work at Oxford (0.95 and 5.25 miles):
2014-12-02 bus dash in Swindon2014-12-02 Besselsleigh to Oxford




Shortly after this post, the leader board was purged of many of my original outings, leaving this group at the end of Day 9:

2014-12-02 Day 9 leaderboard

So, here are the most interesting of these possibly more legitimate entries:

Ian F: 138.2 miles at 7m 28s per mile
Stacie G: 138.8 miles at 8 m 13s per mile
Trace C: 22.42 miles/day averaging 5h 44m per day
Lisa A: claims more than 7 hours per day at just over 2 miles per hour
Dion J: claims 7-8 runs per day at nearly 45 minutes per run

Some of this is absolute horse shit. If any of it is accurate, they are elite athletes that it would be surprising their sponsors would be happy with their endorsement of another product.  Note that Brad L, only at #13, is still turning in remarkable run results:

2014-12-02 Day 9 best effort

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