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Postal Order Worcester

Started the day with a quest for an elusive post box, and ended it with a quick beer in the Postal Order….

Leaving the Pig and Drum with 30 minutes till my train was due, I was somewhat lost in the City and burned up 15 minutes wandering around just trying to find my way to the station.  I spotted it and the Postal Order, a Wetherspoon’s in the refurbished old Worcester Telephone Exchange, and decided to have a quick bevvie on the way.  I got the photo, above, from a traffic island and then as the crossing light changed I was swarmed with pensioners trying desperately to get in before me (and each other) and who then halted abruptly just inside to try, in vain, to find a table (the place was absolutely rammed with blue haired diners and drinkers).

I slipped around this crowd only to have two rogue granddads from my entrance plug spot me heading toward the bar.  They broke into a pantomime of a run, something of a shuffle you might see on a 1960’s variety and sketch show mocking really old people.  I walked on steadily (and at about the same pace as their would-be-frantic gate) and about halfway to the bar they both realised that they still had the rest of their party to deal with or, maybe, they forgot why they were dashing to the bar.  Regardless, as they turned to implore their compatriots with confused expressions, I squeezed on through the bar crowd whilst getting felt up by grannies (I hope it was the grannies) and eventually was met across the bar by one of the many and helpful bar staff — no waiting despite the pilchard-tin crowding.

The building looks great outside, but nothing special within as far as I could tell. But, I wasn’t going back through the groping grannies to explore further.

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