Pig and Drum, Worcester   1 comment

Pig and Drum Worcester sign

I felt like I was finished with my run and there wasn’t enough time to do any ‘normal’ tourism so I turned off the run tracker and popped in the first pub that attracted me.  The Pig and Drum threatened SKA and reggae on a window poster and had Pink Floyd blaring Comfortably Numb out the doors.. sold.

Pig and Drum Worcester Orchard Pig Philosopher

Inside I found a staggering array of cider pumps and ales in the sparse, warehouse-like room.  The bar lady was friendly and efficient and the guys hanging out were a laugh.  The music was what you might call classic rock but very good choices of it in my opinion (some Stones but from Let It Bleed, and unusual choices with regard to Van Morrison and the Clash, as well); the sound system was crisp and quite loud. It is the pub I wanted to have when I was 18 years old, and now at 52 it taunts me with the banner that I could have it if I really wanted:

Pig and Drum Worcester

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