DT #327, 23 November 2014 (Arkell’s Centennial)   Leave a comment

Arkell's United States Centennial Hops Collection

The theme for today:
A Remembrance of Things Past…
Lager madeleine.

Name: Arkell’s Centennial
Type: bitter
Venue: Clifton Inn, Swindon

Review/notes: As mentioned before, the holiday season demands exertion and I have picked up the gauntlet with a 3+ mile-per-day pledge.  Today, I reckoned I should try out the Runner (formerly the Running Horse before a refurbishment but not different enough to count as a ‘new pub’ for the blog’s purposes).

runner swindon

Looking down the taps I felt that the only one I had not previously included in the Daily Tipple would be the 1843 Craft Lager.  I knew I had tried this a few times in the past, but convinced myself it had not yet been a DT.  That is, until the first scent and sip…doh!  I had this after my surprise surgery a few months ago…a reasonable memory to blot out or the first signs of dementia?  Okay…maybe not the first.

runner swindon 1843 craft lager


I watched a guy hustle a kid (literally, a ten-year-old) at the billiards table then chatted with him for a minute about it before heading out.

runner swindon caroussel horse

I only had £2 on me so if I was going to put the DT SNAFU right I would have to pick up something at an off-license or settle for a half pint somewhere.  While sorting my thoughts by the carousel horse on the wall of the Runner, I realised the Clifton was on my way. Result!

Today's route

Today’s route

The Centennial really called me and it’s rich flavours took me back to Colorado, drinking Fat Tire at altitude.  It is a temporary offering from Arkell’s and I’m really glad I managed to get a drop or two of it.

Arkell's United States Centennial Hops Collection pump

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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