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Bell Inn Seend sign

For years, I have seen the Bell as I rode the bus route between Devizes and Trowbridge and have long meant to take some time to tick it off the list.  It turns out to be one of the places I’m most eager to come back to for another visit (perhaps regularly).


Bell Inn Seend Corvus Stout


I got here quickly in a mad dash from the Brewery Inn to make sure I had time to catch the bus; the pubs were nearer each other than I had estimated so once I topped the hills it was only a couple of minutes total (rather than ten or more).  This was good, though, as it allowed me a relaxed walk around the premises and a visit to the garden to take in the view of the valley while changing into some dry clothing in the light, misty rain.

Bell Inn Seend view

They have a sign outside that they do fish and chips takeaways on Wednesday and Friday evenings, which is attractive to me in the Year of Fish and Chips. Much more so was the lovely kitchen I spied on my snooping around and the note on the sign board about everything being fresh and local.  Moreover, for £2 more, you can turn any main into a 2-course meal by adding a starter or dessert.  I see a spring roadtrip this way for some dry weather hiking and a pub lunch.

Bell Inn Seend kitchen suppliers

It’s a Wadworth house so I had a Corvus stout (always an exceptional choice especially kept as well as it is here).  The only issue I had was the sign of the Bell: Wadworth has their own signage shop at the brewery and mostly makes unique signs for each of their pubs but this one is frightfully similar to the one you pass on your way through Devizes (although close inspection reveals the loving details in that one that this one is missing).  Yes, I am a petty prick.

Bell Inn Seend


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