DT #323, 19 November 2014 (Hardy’s Bankside Rosé)   Leave a comment

Hardy's Bankside Rose


Finally saw Chef.
Now, looking for Spanish Lake
And Citizen Four.

Name: Hardy’s Bankside Rosé
Type: rosé wine
Venue: house

Review/notes: Everything I read about Chef used the term “food porn,” and the treats did look good but not obscene…I may not be able to fully define “food porn” but I know it when I see it (a perfect example being Big Night).  Still a very pleasant little road trip/family picture, mind.

I snagged the suggestion from the same blog that, yesterday, pitched Spanish Lake — a documentary about a Saint Louis suburban neighbourhood where that author spent some of her teen years and which was just a few miles from my home in Glasgow Village.  Lago was the place I formulated my theory that the housing built cheap but superficially “nice” was destined to become a slum in ten-to-fifteen years time; I’ve since watched it happen all over the States, but think it might be fairly satisfying to see it confirmed,here in particular, on celluloid.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved St Louis (and still do); but it treated me worse than even I deserved at the time.

The third mention in the haiku regarded a documentary about the Snowden affair, most of it shot in the days either side of him being revealed as Wikileaks’ most famous contributor.   Bravery and naïvety in this one, shit architecture and city planning in another, and tasty treats (not least of which include Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson, what I might like to think of as bread for the ideal Cuban sandwich) in the other.

Wine was half its normal price.  Good, but only worth 1/3 its normal price.

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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