DT #320, 16 November 2014 (Malmesbury Westport)   1 comment

Malmesbury Westport

Busy week ahead:
After the weekend just passed
Work will be a breeze.

Name: Malmesbury Westport
Type: porter
Recipe: Untied a rolled pork loin roast and rubbed with cumin, oregano, and paprika then stuffed it with full strength red chilli slices and garlic before rerolling and covering with more chillies, garlic, and lemon grass. Wrapped tightly in four layers of foil, the roast was dumped in a 120 C oven for 8 hours to be finished or charred on the BBQ.

Boiled some potatoes then smashed with butter, salt, pepper, and parmigiano reggiano.

Made a chinese style slaw of shredded cabbage, grated carrot and celery with coriander (cilantro), rice wine vinegar, toasted sesame oil, brown sugar, seeded and de-membraned chillies, and yoghurt.

Venue: Hop Inn, Swindon

Review/notes: While the food cooked or infused, I tidied the rough cut of the carpet in the Drunken Bunny Pub, tacked down the edges, and started moving the furnishings about.

The Public Bar/Dining Room lost the Singapore buffet and gained our minimalist bar and a tall bookcase for a net gain of about four square feet but with the move of the table away from the window seems much greater increase.

The living room is such an odd shape and so cavernous that the shift of the heavy-but-low sideboard/buffet into it (and the tall shelves out) that we doubted the wisdom of the move but it opens a lot of wall space for our far-too-many pictures to go up.

So…nearly a year in we may be getting the ground floor in order.

The porter was spectacular — dark coffee and chocolate and bitter and tart and a perfect break in the midst of the day’s activities.

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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