DT #312, 8 November 2014 (Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon)   Leave a comment

Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon

A rainy day spent
Installing insulation
And draught excluders.

Name: Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon
Type: red wine
Venue: house

Review/notes: The Victorian house is mostly single glazed which makes it even more critical that we make it less porous as the winter sets in.  I was at the DIY place at 8 and spent the morning chasing air gaps but the house is noticeably warmer without the heat turned on.  It is quieter, too.

Did a quick shop down at the new supermarket where I also grabbed a bite of lunch (Chippy Challenge #110), then put on the supper and headed out into the squalls for a minimalist run of just under 40 minutes.  Returning to find the bird done already, I took a glass of wine to the bath and awaited the spousal unit’s return from work.  Saturday’s can be awesome.

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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