DT #307, 3 November 2014 (Castelliere Pinot Grigio)   1 comment

Castelliere Pinot Grigio


Tom Magliozzi.
Are there convertibles there?
That’s today’s puzzler.

Name: Castelliere Pinot Grigio
Type: white wine
Venue: house

Review/notes: Grand to have my life back!  Awoke at 3 a.m. with my sinuses draining (some in a form similar to small, desiccated amphibians down my throat, others as a viscous, polymerising liquid via my tear ducts), and could not open my eyes (due to the polymerising phlegm that had encrusted them).  Seriously, I had a quarter-inch thick rusk over the entire area and had to feel my way down to the bathroom to rinse my face just to loosen the mask.

It’s not entirely over but I can live with the coughing and sore throat.  There’s an appetite! I should apologise about my assessment of the Nigella recipe…it was actually lovely (I can taste again!).

The wine was dry and fruity and a bargain.

While I’m back from the dead I have just read the sad news that Tom Magliozzi is gone for good. I started listening to Car Talk in the mid-1980s and have even occasionally chased down podcasts of the shows whilst living here and in Holland.  Tom and Ray were like big, goofy, middle-aged uncles or cousins to the folks of my generation…condolences to Ray and the rest of Tommy’s clan.  I do have a couple of questions, though…what color is your casket? Have you tried smacking it with a broom handle?  Can you make the noise of the crypt?  Okay, I done…I’ll be down at the Horseshoe Road Inn if you want more of this.

don't die like my brother

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